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We offer a variety of services


Haircut   $35 (12 & under $30)

Haircut service includes any type of fades or scissor work.


Head Shave / Razor Fade   $40

Straight razor shave of head.


Partial Shave   $35

Straight razor shave under neck and around beard line. Includes hot towel service.


Haircut + Partial Shave or Full Shave   $65 


Shampoo  $20         


Designs $20 +

Buzzcut   $30

Buzz cut includes one guard all around. NO FADING.


Beard Trim   $25

Beard trim service includes using clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Includes straight razor over cheeks only.


Full Shave   $40

Full Shave service includes using pre-shave oils and hot towels to prepare the skin for an old school straight razor shave.

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